Reviews from clients are often the greatest gift any business owner can receive.  Read below to see what previous clients felt about Justie Nicol, and Nicol Law Offices, LLC.

My first impression of Justie: she cares for her clients.

Justie’s strength is communication and weakness is none.

Posted by Bryce, Feb. 18, 2019.

I can’t think of any way NLO could better serve me.

Justie was very helpful and friendly.  She was very attentive and well-prepared.  I can’t think of any weaknesses!  Extremely satisfied.

Posted Anonymously. Jan. 17, 2019.

Welcoming, knowledgeable, personable, and organized.

I felt validated and listened to. It was great to find an advocate to fight for my cause. Justie appeared to be someone I could trust.

Posted by Asuka. August 3, 2017.

Top notch attorney here!!

Although she wasn’t able to represent us due to being out on injury, she did go the extra mile and sent us a couple of colleague referrals!! Thanks Justie!

Posted by Jeff. September 15, 2017

Thank you!

I had to take the time to write this review (which I rarely do) for Nicol Law Offices. Justie Nicol was a tremendous support and ally that I never thought I’d find myself needing. She was able to help me resolve my situation quickly and went above and beyond to support me in understanding the process. Ms. Nicol is so knowledgeable and has such a calm presence. She provided much needed legal guidance and I cannot thank her enough! Highly recommend

Posted by Renee. June 6, 2016.

10 of 10 for matters dealing with commercial leases.

Office was warm cozy and comfortable, not pretentious like many lawyers. Justie Nicol was professional, no non-sense, organized, clear, and explained things as we went along. She was a good listener and gave us all the time we needed without trying to dictate or impose her professional opinion. Honestly, cannot point to a weakness!

Posted by Glenn and Nate. April 7, 2016.

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