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Serving Northeastern Colorado communities as their Native Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney

A brief intro to Justie Nicol, the one, the only

So, you want to know about me?  Well, in short, I’m a feisty, red-headed, nerdy, dog & toddler mom, with a variety of legal experience who’s actually a PERSON (human first, then attorney) and who wants to GENUINELY HELP her clients.  I own two companies in Colorado.  I enjoy long walks in the mountains (they’re called hikes in Colorado) and am horse-crazy.  I’m active on social media (#OfficeDogs & #NotYourAverageLawyer) and you can legit internet-stalk me @Justie4Justice on various platforms.  I’m constantly striving to make things easier for my clients–whether it’s from an affordability standpoint (I take payments, yo), or trying to minimize the consequences to you in court–your problems become my problems when you hire Nicol Law Offices.  Multiple clients have called me “personable” (i.e. I’m an average Joe/Jane?, with common sense), “approachable,” and “the best communicator.”  I take pride in running this business to the best of my ability and implementing #LegalTech to help keep clients’ costs down.

Read on to learn more about the firm, what kinds of cases we can help you with, and learn more about my professional bio.  (Disclaimer: this paragraph is not a sample of my legal writing).  Come get to know me, and let Justie get Justice for you!

Nicol Law Offices, LLC founded in 2015.

Justie Nicol Colorado Criminal Defense LawyerYou have several cases throughout the Front Range? Let me help on all of them!  You live in a rural area in Colorado? No problem! I travel to legal clients throughout nearly a quarter of the state of Colorado. You’re not sure what category of law you need help with? No big deal!  I practice criminal defense on a number of different types of cases.  I sought out experience in many different legal practice areas in order to prepare for solo practice at my own law firm. I also have a large network of attorneys to whom I can refer cases. You wonder if a law firm is a reputable business? Well, NLO is A+ Rated with the BBB.  I have Accounting and Political Science degrees through the Honors Program at Colorado State University, so I know what it takes to run my own business. Founding Nicol Law Offices, LLC has been a long-term business plan for me for decades. By running my law firm solo, I can honestly say your case is very important to me and I can guarantee that you will receive personalized attention from an attorney every step along the way!

Why will your case be handled better at Nicol Law Offices than at another firm?

Well, it all comes down to your lawyer!  I was a former prosecutor for the largest DA’s Office in Colorado, so I know how to try and win cases, and–better yet–how to beat the DA’s case.  While employed as a Deputy District Attorney, I handled traffic, misdemeanor, felony, and juvenile cases, covering everything from DUI/DWAI’s to felony assaults and armed robbery. I was the County Court Lead District Attorney, supervising others who prosecuted these crimes, too.  I also worked on domestic violence cases, including trying Habitual DV cases and making persuasive arguments on important matters like bond (or bail) and protection orders.  I have significant trial experience, and I have tried cases in many different counties of Colorado.  I am also a real estate broker, well-versed in business’ legal needs, and an entrepreneur.

Getting an experienced attorney to handle your case can make the difference between piece of mind and prison time.

In addition to prosecuting cases, I have also taught lawyers, cops, and government officials on a wide variety of criminal law subjects. I have lectured at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law, as well as DU’s Graduate School of Social Work.  I have taught entire police departments on investigative techniques for strangulation cases, and animal control officers throughout Colorado. I have taught newer lawyers how to challenge experts in court.  I have taught District Attorneys how to prosecute crimes, and lectured at annual prosecutor conferences.  I have now turned this experience into representing the accused.   Let me put this knowledge to use for you! I can solve your criminal defense problems, whatever type of case it might be.  I work diligently to ensure fair and full representation of those charged with even the most heinous crimes.
Prior to being a prosecutor, I also worked for the ACLU on a large, class-action lawsuit on behalf of prisoners incarcerated in a private prison facility known as “gladiator school.”  I know cruel and unusual punishment when I see it!  I have also handled unemployment appeals as a contract appellate judge.  I also advised and represented bankruptcy and tax clients.  What is crazy is that I did all three of these jobs AT THE SAME TIME.  I know prisons; I know unemployment; I know what it means to be down on your luck.  Complex cases can be challenging, that is why it is important to have an attorney representing you who is comfortable multi-tasking. Did I mention I held all three of these jobs at the same time? I know what it means to work for a living… Let me work for you!

Your case is not less important because you have less money to spend on an attorney!

I understand the value of hard work, and my time representing folks suffering financial hardships helped to shape Nicol Law Offices, LLC’s financial policies.  I am proud to say I help those that cannot afford high-priced lawyers (hint: higher legal fees do not mean better lawyers).  By going solo, I can keep costs down, and I utilize the most recent technology to stay in close communication with my clients.

Ask about payment plans or student/non-profit/governmental discount programs today!

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Noelle Hollar is an independent paralegal and legal assistant with years of experience handling criminal matters.  She’s even worked WITH offenders in halfway houses. Noelle works with Justie on a remote basis, helping to stay on top of the mayhem that comes with running a law practice.  She is available to clients at paralegalforjustice@gmail.com.

Natalie Knowlton with Knowlton Ventures, LLC is an attorney in her own right and a close friend and colleague of Justie’s since graduate school.  Natalie enjoys long walks on the beach, throwing the toy for her kitten, and writing long-form content for attorneys (like Justie).  Natalie works remotely with Justie to stay on top of legal trends in the industry, and craft custom content such as blogs and social media to stay in touch with the movers and shakers.  Learn more about Natalie on her page over at www.linkedin.com/in/natalieanneknowlton/.

What would any office be without good #OfficeDogs!? Above, you will see the resident experts in all things K9, Rhone, Levi, and Kona.  Kona even has multiple law school credits under her belt.  If you are on the phone, a zoom conference, or even at the NLO offices, you may hear valuable advice from these three.  Disclaimer: all K9 advice is given pro bono. Relying on such advice is done at the client’s own risk.

Our back-office manager often sleeps on the job.  Her name is Lilly. Occasionally, she’ll make an appearance on social media #OfficeCat. She’s rarely client-facing, and you probably won’t have an opportunity to interact with her.  But, she plays a vital role in holding down the fort.